Friday, February 03, 2006

Found This At Chapters Last Night For $9.99!

This, and a book of short stories by Carole Shields! I love how you sometimes find the hardcover in the bargain section, while the trade paperback is at least two or three times as much.


My whole life I've been searching for that special someone...that one person...who can do my eyebrows just the way I like them.
Seriously. I found a nice lady named Lorraine who's got a place in Dieppe. I absolutely love how she does my eyebrows. They've never looked better. ..natural, but clean, and just a hint of an arch. I'm not insane about my appearance, but I just don't feel right if my eyebrows aren't properly groomed.

I Must Be PMS-ing

I just ate 2 Easter Creme Eggs. In a row. And yesterday, I ate 4 Hersey chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs, and an Aero bar. Now I'm craving a big glass of chocolate milk.