Wednesday, February 08, 2006

This Sucks!

BOYNTON BEACH, Florida -- A collaborator on the children's bookseries Curious George has been found dead on the driveway of hismobile home in Florida. Police say Allen Shalleck's body was covered in black garbagebags. Neighbours had passed by for a least a day, thinking it was justtrash. Investigators haven't released any details of the death. The 76-year-old Shalleck co-edited more than 28 Curious Georgebooks and helped write and direct 104 short films. A movie about the mischievous monkey opens in theatres Friday.(APB)

What kind of sick fuck would murder someone connected to Curious George?!

Releasing My Inner Hippie

Had my last pottery class last night; spent the whole time on the wheel...FUN!
I had clay all over my boots, my pants, my arms up to my elbows, it was even in my hair.
I even improved quite a bit over the two hours...the teacher showed me a few tricks. Posture makes all the difference. I even managed to make a bowl to bring home after it's glazed and fired. It doesn't look half bad! Bring on the organic veggies and chai tea!
I am definitely going back in a few weeks, after I'm done with this new kick boxing class I'm starting.

Do I need to mention that isn't me in the photo?