Sunday, April 23, 2006

"Desperate Housewives" Treat

I like to have something decadent to snack on during "Desperate Housewives."
It's cream cheese brownies tonight.

Something I Really Should Finish

I took a class to make this paper-pieced quit top in 2002. I finally finished it in 2004.
When I was making this, the Boy was still a couple of years away. My then-husband was only home on weekends, and I got home from work everyday at noon. I can't believe I ever had that much free time. Why didn't I finish this quilt? Why didn't I finish the other three that I have stashed away in baskets in various stages of piecing? Why didn't I finish all the other UFO's I started? Why? Why?!

It's Starting To Look Like Something!

You stitch and stitch and stitch. Then, one day, it finally starts to look like something.
This is the cross stitch sampler I'm making as a wedding gift for my sister-in-law, who is not only getting married in October, but is also expecting her first baby in August, and just bought a house with hubby-to-be.
It's been a rare mostly Boy-free weekend, so I was actually able to get some real work done on it.
However, it's still only about half done.