Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Misson: De-Clutter

Yes, those are pictures of my underwear

The New Year has brought out in me the Urge To Purge.
On New Year's day I filled 10 large garbage bags with clothes and toys to donate.
I bought new socks and underwear, and tossed out all the old mis-matched holey socks and ratty, torn underwear, and even the old sexy lingerie I was hanging onto just in case my younger skinny bod miraculously appeared again.
I even donated a bunch of books to the library and the Sally Ann.
Now, the Boy has a closet that can be opened without fear of being buried alive in an avalanche of crap, I no longer spend 20 minutes each morning looking for socks without holes, and best of all, I now have room for new stuff! ; )