Tuesday, July 03, 2007

We Went To PEI On Saturday

The January 1999 issue of "Victoria Bliss" magazine (which I still have) featured an article on the St. Ann's lobster supper on PEI. I was entranced by its Island and lobster porn-iness, and resolved to one day experience it for myself. We went on Saturday. While it wasn't quite what I had built it up to be in my mind over eight years, it was still very nice. And tasty. But the New Glasgow supper is still the best, in my opinion.
We also took a drive out to Dalvay and saw the heritage inn "Dalvay by the Sea," which stood in as "The White Sands" hotel in "Road to Avonlea." It also used to be owned by a shady rum-running sea captain ancestor of one of my co-workers.
We also stopped for a bit at the beach in Dalvay, which is even better than the beach in Cavendish.