Friday, April 07, 2006

New Hair

The Boy got a haircut yesterday.
It had to be done. His cool hair was getting way too long, plus it's hard looking after it when the Boy is so uncooperative in the matters of hair brushing and washing.
He looks very different with short hair.
Less angelic, far more impish.

In The Mail

Ami McKay has a charming website for her book. You can also email her for a signed bookplate, which I did. It came a couple of weeks ago.
I really like this book. Actually, I think I like the idea of the book, which is full of Maritime history and lore. Plus, the author is living my dream, residing in a big old house in the boonies, doing something creative.
The book is going to be the August selection for my book club, at my suggestion.

Baking With A Two Year Old

(or, The Destruction Of A Kitchen)

recipe: blueberry bran muffins

normal prep time: 7 minutes

with toddler: 35 minutes, plus 45 minutes clean up

"I Helping, Mommy"