Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Karma Test

Or, "I'm A Great Big Idiot Who Gave Back A Free Aero Bar"

Yesterday the vending machine at work gave me two Aero bars instead of the one I had paid for.
Instead of celebrating my good fortune and gobbling both bars, here's what I thought:

"What if karma is testing me?"
And, "What if karma is actually rewarding me?"
Also, "Maybe karma is rewarding me and punishing the vending machine man for ripping everyone off on chocolate bars!"

In the end, I just couldn't bring myself to eat it. I put it in my drawer and decided I would figure out what to do with it tomorrow (today.)
I came in to work this morning, went into the staffroom, and the vending machine guy was there filling the machine. I got the bar, and gave it to him, and told him the machine had given me two. He looked at me very strangely.
But, see? It was a test after all!
I sound like a real wackjob, don't I?

Another Book In The Mail!

I only buy a couple of Lucy Mauds at at time whenever I'm on PEI. That's so I don't run out of them too quickly. I've been reading her since I was ten, and I still haven't read quite everything yet.
However, my last trip there, I found out two I didn't have were out of print! I panicked, but was able to track them down on Amazon.Com. This one was used, and I paid about $20 for it, but I'm happy. The other one should be along in a couple of weeks. After I get that one, the only LM books I won't have read will be the Emily of New Moon books.
It's too hot to hang out in the living room tonight, so I think I'll head off to bed with the new book.

Whatever Works, Right?

As a way to make him a little more cooperative when it comes to teeth brushing, I've been telling the Boy that Cookie Monster has no teeth because he ate too many cookies and didn't brush.
Imagine my delight on Sunday evening when I stumbled upon this old picture of the Cookie prototype, complete with (scary sharp) teeth.
The Boy didn't react much when I showed it to him, but I got his teeth brushed without much fuss afterwards.