Thursday, January 26, 2006

I'm Seeing A Definite Pattern

Dylan (aka Webpig) : I love you!

Brenda ( Webslut) : I love you too!

Dylan : It's too much! I don't love you anymore!

Brenda : I hate you!

Dylan: I love you again!

Brenda: Okay, I love you, too.

Dylan: No wait, I love that 23 year old now!

Brenda: You suck! Fuck off!

Dylan: I still love you!


A sad day cat Mr. Orange had to be euthanized yesterday. She was old and sick and the vet said she wasn't going to get better. But she had a good long life, and was well taken care of. She was a good, if somewhat neurotic cat. I'm going to put her picture in my curio cabinet next to the one of her "sister" Baby, who died last spring.

Mr. Orange 1993-2006