Monday, January 16, 2006

Jameth Frey Ith A Big Fat Liar!

So the guy who wrote "A Million Little Pieces" embellished it a little. That's fine. When I read a memoir, I take the conversations with a grain of salt, because really, who can remember a whole conversation they had with someone verbatim, even 5 minutes ago, let alone years. Ditto with exact events. You expect it's fudged a little.
That is not what ruined the book for me.
James portrays himself as a gritty, tough, jaded punkass, afraid of no one.
I caught him on Larry King last week.
He has a lisp.
That's what ruined the book for me.

What I Bought At Chapters Last Night

I love Maeve Binchy. Her books are very...nice. "Tara Road" and "Scarlet Feather" are my favourites by Maeve. I think "Echoes" is the only one of hers I haven't read yet.
I got a review copy of a book by Sharon Owens, "The Teahouse On Mulberry Street," and very much enjoyed it...easy breezy, pleasant, easy on the brain. So I got a review copy of "Ballroom" got lost when I moved, and I was only halfway through. Fuck! So I finally gave in and bought a copy.
I got "Curious George" for The Boy, but it's kind of for me, too.
Now I think I want to read "Brokeback Mountain."


So Peter and I went to Chapters last night. I left Peter in the reno section, while I wandered around with my Starbucks' Vanilla Creme ($3.17 for a "tall") and Starbucks chocolate covered cherries ($9.95 for a teeney weeney little box- but they're so yummy!) I was looking at the new releases when someone said, "Excuse me." I moved, glanced, and did a double-take. Short dark hair, red lipstick...Oh My God! It was WS!
I ran and told Peter...he came over and had a look.
I even looked at Heather's Picks ( I hate that bitch, she took away all the comfy chairs and Chapters' bucks) just so I could sneakily glance over at her.
Again, I need a life.