Friday, June 04, 2010

Something that actually costs more in the U-S than in Canada

In this era when there are thousands of different kinds of tea available, King Cole still reigns supreme in Atlantic Canada. This is the tea that everyone will drink, be they tea snob or a just-once-in-a-while tea drinker, and a box can be found in most homes in the Maritimes.
A box of 60 two-cup teabags goes for $3.99, and often can be found on sale for half-price.
Imagine my suprise to find this display at the British Goods store in Freeport... $9!!
Also, it comes from New Brunswick, but there's a Nova Scotia flag on the sign.

And there was shopping!

By God, there was shopping. I went to the Christmas Tree Shop for the first time ever. How could I not have known about the Christmas Tree Shop? I bought a bunch of stuff, including fake Nantucket baskets (fake is fine with me!) that I've only ever seen on ebay, usually starting at $15. I bought four at the CTS, and they ranged in price from $2.99 to $6.99!!
And I found grits! I love grits, but you just can't find them in Canada. Or at least not in my part of Canada.
There were several trips to LL Bean, but that's a whole other post.