Tuesday, June 27, 2006

June Book Club Pick

I'm a third of the way through "The Kite Runner."
Sunshine and lollipops it is not. I think I'm going to need something light and fluffy when I'm done. I was thinking maybe the last Harry Potter. But I forgot about Dumbledore being killed in it.

Ultimate Chick Flick

I tried to watch Steel Magnolias last night.
I didn't even get past the special features before I was bawling.
The DVD has an interview with the writer and director. The character of Shelby is based on the writer's sister, and the story of her is exactly what is in the movie. They showed a picture of her at the end of the interview, and I burst into tears. I don't know how anyone with estrogen can not love this movie.

A Bad Dining Experience

Don't ever eat here! I joined one of my co-workers for breakfast here Sunday morning. We both ordered the eggs benedict.
The first problem was when we unrolled our utensils from the napkin. There was a grain of rice in the tines of my fork, and something equally unsavory in my co-worker's fork, as well. The waitress made an apologetic face, and brought us each a new set. The new ones were dirty, too! We finally snagged cutlery from a neighboring table, that appeared clean, though we both gave our forks a good rub with the napkins.
Then, the food came.
The eggs benedict didn't look too bad, but the hollandaise sauce didn't look quite right. I tasted it, and it was...gravy. Gravy on eggs benedict? Maybe it's some kind of variation I've never heard of, like using smoked salmon instead of ham, but I tend to think whoever was in the kitchen was wrecked.
Though I have to say, the eggs benedict with gravy wasn't bad. Quite tasty, actually.

How I Discovered I Eat Too Many Beavertails

I eat a lot of Beavertails during the summer.
Sunday, Peter and I decided to take the Boy to Magnetic Hill to feed the ducks. It was just a coincidence that MH is where the only Beavertails outlet in Moncton is. Really.
While we were there, I thought I might as well get one, since we were only ten feet away from the store.
While my succulent cream cheese and chives Beavertail was bubbling away in the deep fryer, the young high school whippersnapper behind the counter said, 'Here, take a club card, you're in here all the time."
Desperate Housewife: "No, I'm not! I've only been here today and last Sunday!"
Whippersnapper: "Well, you were here a lot last summer. Here, I'll give you three stamps to start because you bought three Beavertails last Sunday." (I did, but I didn't eat them all at once, I swear!)

They remember me! How humiliating! I'm the Beavertail hog of Moncton. Marvelous.