Monday, May 01, 2006

People Are Strange

Sunday, Peter's father took us to an unassuming house, in the unassuming boonies, where a perfectly ordinary looking older man lived. However, what you see in the pictures is what is in a built-on wing at the back of the unassuming house. Hundreds of animals...turns out this guy is a multi-millionaire, and spends his time shooting big game animals all around the world, and has the skins and whatever else sent back to Canada and stuffed. He was very proud of his creatures. I can't imagine the bad karma this guy has built up for himself.

Yesterday, The Boy

Went Doooowwwn

The Twisty Slide

All By Himself For The Very First Time

"I A Big Boy!"

Mummy was very proud, but a little sad, too.