Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Are You There God? It's Me, Desperate Housewife

When I was 20 and in school in TO, I read one Saturday morning that Judy Blume would be doing a book signing at a children's bookstore downtown. I immediately got myself to the store, and there she was, all 5' of her. (She's very tiny)
As I waited in the lineup, I remember I how desperately I wanted to convey to her just how much her books had meant to me in my skinny, permed junior high years. I wanted her to know how much of a friend she had been to me. That I really was her Biggest Fan. (I really was her biggest fan that day...everyone else in the lineup was 10 and under)
But, when I got to Judy, what came out of my mouth was something like, "LikeohmyGodOHMYGOD!! JudyBLUME! ILOVEDyourbooks!!"
She blinked, donned a PR smile, and said, "Well, there's a new book about Fudgie I hope you'll enjoy."
Stupid mouth. At least I got her autograph.