Sunday, January 06, 2008

2007: The Highlights

1) Visiting Florida for first time. I'm sure plenty of it is full of tacky tourist traps and peopled mainly by the elderly, but it is also a tropical paradise with no snow!
2) Frolicking with Santini the dolphin, seeing alligators, and poking that big yellow bastard in the pic. That was huge for me, as I'm a lifelong snake-o-phobic. Maybe next time I'll be able to touch it for more than .002 seconds.
3) Visiting Shag Harbour, to see where the UFO allegedly crashed. Cool Maritimes X-files stuff.
4) The Boy starting pre-k!
5) Is it shallow for me to consider getting an antique chest/coffee table a highlight of the year? I wanted one for years, and was really happy when I got it.

Crafty '07

Finished a quilt top (which is now aging in the closet,) quilted a log cabin, finally finished a hooked rug kit that I bought while I was pregnant four years ago, and made a tied fleece blanket for the Boy (which was so easy it almost shouldn't count.)

Best of all, I learned how to knit mittens! And I did a few dishcloths this year, too.

All in all, a good crafty year.

Culinary Adventures of '07

Haggis (surprisingly not bad,) key lime pie (frigging good,) conch, in fritter and chowder form (neh,) and fried green tomatoes (v. tasty.)