Sunday, April 02, 2006

Newest Addition To Girl Movie Library

"Dying Young"
Julia Roberts catches her boyfriend shagging some tart on their couch, gets a job as live-in nurse/assistant to heartbreakingly ill Campbell Scott, buys a pink cadillac, spends autumn in a darling house in Northern California, falls in love with heartbreakingly ill Campbell, and learns to stand on her own two feet.
Good San Francisco, Pacific Ocean, Northern California, and house porn. And only $6.88 at Wal-Mart.

Very Evil Pink Bunny

The Evil Pink Bunny Flu is still making me miserable. I first got sick on Tuesday afternoon. Now it's Sunday morning, and I'm still not feeling 100 percent. I have a nasty cold, my throat is killing me, I still don't have my voice back, I keep getting these yucky sweaty "hot flashes," and I get tired very easily, and just feel unwell in general. Peter and I have tickets to Brian Adams tomorrow night, and I'm going no matter how rotten I feel. But it would be nice to actually enjoy the show.

My Juno Story

Or, How I Came THIS Close To Partying With Milli Vanilli

It was 1990 in Toronto. I went to the Junos with the friend of a friend of my roommate's.
KD Lang came breezing in right behind us, and the members of Blue Rodeo were all there in the lobby. (Yes, I know, big deal. But the Junos were still kind of...sad, back then)
During the show, I sat right behind Al Waxman, the King of Kensington. He was wearing too much cologne.
Milli Vanilli sang "Blame It On The Rain." Well, I guess they didn't really sing it. But that was before the big scandal.
Rod Stewart sang "Downtown Train." That was cool.
Afterwards, we went to the "Juno Aftershow Party For The Nobodies." We stuck around for a while because we heard Triumph was supposed to show up. They didn't.
Then, we heard Milli Vanilli was throwing a party at the Four Seasons, and that was where all the action was. We boldly showed up, and nearly got in. There were three bouncers to get past, and one of our party knew two of them. But the last gentleman told us to hit the road.
This close, damnit!