Sunday, September 03, 2006

Saturday In PEI

Peter, the Boy and I went to PEI for the day yesterday. We stopped at the Cape Jourimain Nature Centre, which is right next to the Confederation bridge, and has the best view of it. It also has walking trails and an old lighthouse. However, what I mostly viewed was the inside of the ladies room, as the Boy, who has been wearing big boy underwear for about two months without a single accident, suddenly had two of them, fifteen minutes apart. We sped through the extra clothing I had brought for him, and had to stop at Zellers in Summerside to buy him something to wear.

Massive Pig Out At New Glasgow Lobster Suppers

The food here is UNBELIEVABLY GOOD!
It's way better than the North Rustico place.
Here's what I ate:

Two and a half hot rolls (effin' good bread!) dripping with butter
Three bowls of awesome chowder
One bucket of mussels, though I did share with the Boy
A one lb lobster
One piece of chocolate cake
Half a piece of apple pie
With ice cream

I ate so much I had to undo my pants for the ride home, and I had to put the seat back, as it was too uncomfortable to sit in an upright position. I also woke up at 2:30am with heartburn. Just call me Homer.
But it was so worth it.
So worth it.

Woodleigh Replicas

Peter wanted to visit Woodleigh Replicas, where he vaguely recalls visiting as a whippersnapper.
It's a very pretty, peaceful place.
We saw many replicas of British castles and cathedrals. It's like visiting the UK, only much cheaper, and without those annoying liquid and gel restrictions on flights these days.
We also saw a child with a mullet, just like the last time we were on the Island.


Before we ate, we went to the beach at Cavendish. It's incredibly beautiful there. The waves were very high Saturday, as you can see behind the two chicks in bikinis that Peter "just happened" to shoot while getting a picture of the water with his new zoom lens.