Thursday, March 13, 2008

At 13, I Thought All My Life's Problems Would Be Solved If I Only Had Boobs

So, I've been pretty busty since I was about twenty years old. Contrary to what some of the less-endowed population may think, big boobs are actually a major pain in the ass. And the neck, and shoulders. Clothes do not fit. Heavy duty bras are expensive and very unattractive. The male species does not make eye contact. And aging and nursing has the most horrifying effect on them.
But, after waiting just over a year, I had an appointment with a plastic surgeon on Thursday. I'm getting breast reduction surgery sometime in the next few weeks!!!!!
I'm pretty stoked. The first thing I'm going to do afterwards is head to LaSenza and buy a polkadot bra, with skinny straps and just one hook!
Peter is not quite as excited as I am, and refers to the day of the appointment as "Black Thursday."
The picture: One of the ladies I work with just got back two weeks ago from having b.r. surgery. This is what I came up with as a "welcome back/congrats on the new boobs" gift from the staff. She said having the surgery was the best thing she's ever done. We're calling ourselves "The Shrinking Boobs Twins."