Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Addicted To Crap

So I made a New Year's resolution to eat better, nothing too radical, just a little less junk and a little more notjunk. I did very well starting on Sunday, the oatmeal and citrus for breakfast, a few more veggies, and, way less chocolate than usual. In fact, I had no chocolate at all on Monday.
Yesterday at work, I started to feel a little headachy and ill, and a lot cranky. When I got home I had a few After Eight mints, then a few more, then another few more. Within an hour, I was fine. Chocolate withdrawl symptoms. Fuck.
I'm doomed to have a fat ass forever.

Oh, Come On, Now!

One of these signs is in the ladies room on my floor at work.
I can understand having one in the men's room, because, let's face it, many men just don't seem to have quite the same hygiene standards as females.
I actually find it a little insulting. What does management think we are? Pigs?