Thursday, May 11, 2006

An Act Of Supreme Klutziness

I have always strongly identified with Susan from Desperate Housewives. I too, have an unpleasant ex-husband, though I would never sleep with him again, like she did with Carl a few weeks ago, only to discover that he had lied about breaking up with Edie.
I also strongly identify with her because she's a klutz and is always falling down, or accidently setting people's homes on fire, or falling through floors, etc. I have a similar problem. I once dislocated my elbow when I slipped on a magazine on the floor, and wacked my arm on a typewriter that happened to be standing on its end right where I fell. I wasn't even drunk. My two year old holds my hand going down stairs so I won't trip, and even says, "Mommy's a spaz."
So, Tuesday, I'm at my work station, with my computer and big console, all only a few months old, and horrifyingly expensive. I slide over to my co-workers empty station for something, and somehow knock over a full cup of water right on the console! I uttered a shriek, then, in a blind panic, knocked my own cup of water over! Two cups of water flooding around all those wires and electronic things that I don't understand.
The company engineer had to leave immediately from Halifax to fix it, and had to work on it late into the night, and the following morning. Being a charming rogue, he suggested I flash him to make up for it (we all sexually harrass each other, in a fun, non-yucky way).
That's another way I identify with Susan, or at least Teri Hatcher. Once upon a time, I too was "real and spectacular." Unfortunately, time, gravity, and the Boy all took care of the spectacular part.