Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Broadening My Horizons

I made a mug tonight in my very first pottery class! An actual slightly lopsided, bumpy mug with a sand dollar and little shell on it. The other new girl, an early 20's-looking Hippiechick with white-girl dreads and a ring through her bottom lip, made this perfect looking vase thing, with pointed petal shaped things curving down and a little bug on it. I felt like throwing a cup of chai tea at her.
As I suspected, I do not possess any natural talent for it. But it was a lot of fun.

I Can't Believe These Movies Are Like, Out In Special 20th Anniversary DVD's!

I was a skinny, bad perm, huge upside-down glasses-wearing, no boobs 14 year-old 10th grader when 16 Candles came out. One day, my friend Nancy, who was in grade 12, told me a guy in her class liked me. He was going to call. I waited all week. He didn't call. I gave up. That Friday, 16 Candles was on First Choice. I watched it, sympathizing with Samantha and her desperate love for Jake. The movie ended. The phone rang. It was him. It was like magic. He asked me to go over to his place on the weekend to watch a movie. My mother wouldn't let me go. She was afraid he would turn out to be a pervert. He told Nancy he had decided I was too young for him. It was one of the most humiliating of many humiliating events during my teen years.