Saturday, April 15, 2006

New Ring (Sort Of)

This ring literally sat in a drawer for 20 years. It belonged to an aunt of mine, who left me her jewellery when she passed away in 1986. I never much cared for it. But, a few weeks ago, I pulled it out of my sock drawer and decided to get it sized. I just got it back last weekend, which I found out today from another aunt, was just a couple of days before the 20th anniversary of her death.
I really like it, but I wear a lot of red, and I think it makes me look like a Red Hatter. Though I very much admire their attitude, which basically is, "I just don't give a f*** anymore."

Easter "Egg"stravaganza At Magnetic Hill Zoo

The Boy was a little wary of the Easter Bunny. The sensitive Bunny saw this, and, seeing I was trying to get a shot with the two of them, slowly snuck up behind the Boy while he was picking something up off the ground. The result is this rather creepy looking picture.
The Boy also didn't like the fluffy baby bunnies. But, he did like the reptile house. Go figure.

What I'll Be Reading Next

I have a battered old copy of this book that I bought in 1990 or '91, after seeing the movie with Julia Roberts. I liked the movie and still do, for the charming little house she moves into after faking her death to get away from her abusive husband (house porn!)

I liked the book, and still do, for the food descriptions. There's one where Laura/Julia is eating her first square meal after living off of only beans and oatmeal with ketchup for a week or two, and the description of the hot crunchy rolls with golden melted butter, the salad with jewel-like bits of tomato, chocolate cake dappled with chocolate icing...well, it went something like that. I've never before heard a description of lasagna, rolls, salad, and chocolate cake that literally made me start drooling.

What I'm Reading Now

This is the April pick for my book club, which I got to chose. I hope everyone likes it. I'll have a case of hurt feelings if it gets trashed. I like Maeve Binchy. Her books are just so...pleasant. I like this one because the main characters are caterers, and there are some very nice descriptions of food. I'm all about the food. And I thought it would be nice to have something fun and fluffy to read after last month's pick, David Bergen's "The Time In Between," which bombed with the ladies.

I would have chosen "The Birth House," but it hadn't been yet been released. But I was chatting with one of the ladies about the book, and she wound up picking it for August. Just call me Rasputin.