Thursday, August 21, 2008

Popover Porn in Acadia National Park

Click on the pic to get the full drool-worthy effect of the popovers

In Acadia National Park, is the Jordan Pond restaurant, which first opened in 18-something, to serve afternoon tea to the filthy rich summer people. Their big thing is afternoon tea and popovers on the lawn overlooking Jordan Pond and those two mountains in the back, known as "The Bubbles," or "The Boobies, as Peter called them.

We ate here twice. I had their signature lobster stew the first time. It was amazing.

The next day we had tea on the front lawn. The popovers are AWESOME! They serve them with butter and strawberry preserves. The thing with the knife sticking out of it in the first picture is a popover filled with chocolate ice cream (made on the premises) with chocolate sauce drizzled on top.

I was one happy camper when these pics were taken.