Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Boy And I Watched "A Sesame Street Christmas Carol" Last Night

The Ghost of Christmas Past showed Oscar an old Bert and Ernie "Gifts Of The Magi" story.
Bert wanted to buy Ernie a soapdish for his rubber duckie. Ernie wanted to get Bert a cigar box for his paper clip collection.
Bert traded Mr. Hooper his paper clips for the soapdish, and Ernie traded him his rubber duckie for the cigar box.
They opened their presents on Christmas Eve, and when the whole thing was beginning to dawn on them, Mr. Hooper came over with Christmas presents for them... and of course, he gave Ernie his rubber duckie, and Bert his paper clip collection.
I didn't just tear up, I boo-hooed, tears and all.