Friday, April 14, 2006

The Last Post Has Made Me Want To Cross Stitch

These are the Linda Myers quilt patterns that match the one I actually finished and framed. Now I'm itching to start a new one. I know I have at least two of these patterns somewhere at home. Can't start one now, though. I've got to keep at my sister-in-law's wedding sampler.


I started working on this quilt-themed cross-stitch pattern about two years ago. I finished some of the border, part of a basket and part of the dividing lines before it went into the "later" basket (the Boy was just a baby, and even more demanding than now.) It wasn't much, but was still several hours of work.
I just dug it out of a plastic bag buried in one of my UFO baskets. I had left the needle in the fabric, and it rusted right onto the work! I'll have to start it all over! Nuts!

Fun Daytripping!

No one who lives in Moncton or the surrounding area ever seems to go to the Hopewell Rocks. Everyone usually says, "I went in grade 4 on a field trip."
It's a beautiful place to visit, only half an hour away and a beautiful drive, and it's usually several degrees cooler than town in the summer, and is incredibly beautiful in the fall. It's also a great place to get a good workout if the tide is out, with the groomed trail, and the beach leading to the Demoiselle beach. Demoiselle is my favourite part of the Rocks. It's one of the few parts that you don't always have to share with tourists. There are trees behind you, and a beautiful pastoral scene. For some reason, sitting there looking around makes me want to quilt. Also, in the Hopewell Motel, is a really nice gift store. It has the usual trinkets, but also has some nice pottery and stained glass, local interest books, local teas, and upstairs they have beautiful quilts and knitting. I always pop in when I'm there.