Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Really Bad Picture Of Me With "The Official Witch Of Salem"

There's her Dunkin' Donuts coffee on the table in front of her. It doesn't seem right for witches to drink Dunkin' Donuts coffee and have sciatica. And again, for a witch, she was very sweet.
My God, that's a bad shot of me. I swear I'm more attractive than that.

More Nantucket

Wednesday Morning: Cape Cod


Where Dolores sees the beached whale in "She's Come Undone."
We ate breakfast in a small cafe, and I tried linguicia sausage for the first time. I thought it tasted like dry baloney.

Highland Light In Truro (Cape Cod, Not Nova Scotia)

Classic Cape Cod House And Lupins

Provincetown, Mass.

The Pilgrim's Monument, and a view of the ocean from the very tip of Cape Cod.
We had to ask the lady in the picture exactly what the tower was, and she actually "whoo-hooed" when we told her we were from New Brunswick. She was very friendly.

Wednesday Afternoon: New Hampshire

We drove through the White Mountains, got lost looking for Mount Washington, and re-lived our childhoods at Santa's Village.
I was just a kid when I was last in New Hampshire. I can remember "Afternoon Delight" was on the radio a lot during the trip, so it was around 1976, I think. I also remember I thought the song was about fireworks. You know, "sky rockets in flight..."