Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm Ready To Talk About Ebay Now

How do I begin to describe the madness that fell over me, just a few short weeks ago? What was about the baskets that drove me to such insanity?
Well, I love baskets and have been collecting them for years. Check.
I love things with historical significance. Check. Read this if you're interested.
I love anything to do with boat, ocean, and picturesque sea village porn. Check.
I had a look at ebay one day, just for the hell of it. Then I signed up. This humble basket was my first. It cost about $20 Canadian. Not bad.

Then I Saw This One

I stalked this purse for a solid week, and spent an entire Saturday (Boy-less) waiting for the auction to end. I pounced in the last five seconds, and got it for only $47 Canadian, shipping included. That's a pretty amazing price. I figure no one else bid on it because nautical scenes are more popular.


What I learned from this basket purse:

Never submit a "best offer" thinking it won't be accepted.
NEVER bid on something without finding out what the shipping on it is, because that's how the seller will get their money if they feel your offer was too low!
Don't forget Customs wants their piece, too!
One "Nantucket Sleighride" Nantucket Basket Purse:
Best offer: $120 (U-S)
Shipping: $37 (U-S)
GST demanded on delivery: $24.99
Total: approx. $215 Canadian
Owning ultimate basket porn: priceless! I love it!