Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Pottery Class Part Deux

Made an oval shaped dish thingey. I'm going to paint it some kind of brownish colour. It'll make a nice serving dish.
The hippie chick who made the fancy-ass artsy-poo thing last week was absent, but a real hippie-looking chick was there, with her hippie boyfriend who dropped her off. It was her first time, and she also made a pretty nice looking bowl. Why are hippies are so good at pottery?

Weekend Baking Adventure

Creamcheese brownies. The Baker's Secret recipe. Very tasty. BK (before kid) I could whip them up and have them in the oven in under ten minutes. With The Boy helping... about 30 minutes. Casualties...one smashed bowl, accidently knocked off the counter. Also, one cup of flour, poured on the floor. One cup may not sound like much, but it can cover a huge surface.

Cleanup included sweeping up as much of the flour and broken ceramic as possible, then vacuuming. Also, wiping little chocolate fingerprints off of about half the surfaces in the entire kitchen.

Then, there was the 20 minutes of hyperactivity after The Boy cleaned out the bowl with a spatula. Yes, I know, you aren't supposed to let your kids lick the bowls anymore because of salmonella, but, come on! It's a great part of childhood!

The brownies are yummy enough to be worth it.

Tap Dancing!

W.S. apparently is taking tap dance lessons. I've always wanted to learn to tap dance. I did take Riverdance lessons several years ago. I thought it would be a fun way to get some exercise, and plus, you wore tap shoes, getting that satisfying taptaptap sound. Unfortunately, I completely lacked talent. In fact, I sucked. I didn't even get to be in the show at the end of the session. The teacher was very tactful about it. She pointed out that I would be too busy emceeing to dance anyway. Plus, I'm fairly well endowed in the bust area, especially since having The Boy...not good for all that jumping around. So, I have put away my dream of tap dancing.