Sunday, May 07, 2006

May Book Club Pick

One of those books I've meant to read for years and just hadn't gotten around to.

Grey's Anatomy

I held off for a long time...but I finally got hooked a couple of weeks ago during the recap show when I was up late cross stitching.
What's up with McDreamy's wife? I think she looks like a transvestite.

And While I'm On The Topic Of Scary Movies...

I can't believe this isn't coming here! I don't think it's in Canada at all, damnit.
Maybe it'll still be playing somewhere in New England while we're there. Then we can go see it, and go back to our haunted inn in Salem.

Meant To Blog About This A Few Weeks Ago

I also picked up this at SuperStore for $4.88 a few weeks ago.
This is another nostalgic movie for me. My best friends and I watched it at a slumber party in junior high, then couldn't sleep all night. Plus, it's got Pacific Ocean porn and small-northern-California-town-on-the-ocean porn, and even radio station-in-a-lighthouse porn.
The DVD also has outtakes! I was wildly amused to see one of John Houston in the very beginning, when he's telling a group of wide-eyed children ghost stories around the campfire at midnight. In the outtake, he pauses...and says in that voice of his, "Oh, shit." There's also one where one of the ghosts is shambling along in the fog, then suddenly breaks into a dance.

Watched This

I saw this movie when it came out in 1985 with my junior high best friend Tina. We were both big Stephen King fans.
When I saw the DVD at SuperStore for about $5, I couldn't resist.
It hasn't aged too badly, though the music is pretty 80's- cheesey. But it's fun, and brought back a lot of memories of the summer between junior high and high school. Plus, it even had a bit of house porn!