Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Justice for a crime against inn porn

The vic: The Ledgelawn Inn, Bar Harbor, an historic 1904 'cottage' from the town's glory days.
The crime: Negligence, abuse, and fraud. Mold, leaks, cracks, bugs, sloppy paint on walls and trim, dust and dirt, hair in bathtubs, crappy service, unrelenting cancellation policy, poor mattresses and linens, etc. Inn calls itself 'luxury accommodations,' and charges accordingly.
Accused: Absent, apathetic owners, uncaring, non English- speaking teenage staff.
Sentence: Bankrupt inn has been sold to large resort-owning corporation. Corp says say they plan to restore inn back into something 'quaint.' Hurray!
Disclaimer: I haven't actually stayed here, but I ogled it mightily the last time I was in Bar Harbor, and have amused (and disgusted) myself over the past couple of years by reading about it on TripAdvisor. Abused inn and house porn makes me very sad. I was thrilled to hear it's been sold and is being restored.