Tuesday, August 07, 2007

UFOs, Ghosties and Houseporn Roadtrip

I've always thought it would be a pretty cool place to visit. Peter and I are hitting the road at 6am tomorrow.
The Porn Part: We're also going to Shelburne, which has something like the largest number of really old buildings in North America, or something like that. "The Scarlet Letter" with Demi Moore and "The Crucible" with yummy Daniel Day Lewis and looney Winona Ryder were both filmed there.
The Ghost Part: Because there were no rooms at any houseporny B&Bs in Shelburne, I found a website for the Loyalist Inn hotel and restaurant, and called to make a reservation, resigned that even if it wasn't porn, at least it would be cheap.
Guess what? It turns out the Loyalist Inn is going to be featured on the show "Rescue Mediums" next month! That's a show with two psychics who go to haunted buildings in Canada and show the ghosts the way to the light. The hotel is going to be on the show next month! We're staying at a haunted hotel that's going to be on TV! How cool is that? And what a coincidence that we ended up there! Or... was it? Cue X-Files music.