Thursday, March 27, 2008

Meme Catch Up

Netter tagged me for the latest book meme going around.

The nearest book was "Maine Ghosts and Legends: 26 Encounters With The Supernatural" by Thomas A. Verde.
A spooky book, of course.

Here's what lines 6-8 on page 123 turned up:

The tavern in turn became the Kennebunk Inn in 1940, and by 1978 it had fallen into disrepair. This was the year that Arthur and Angela LeBlanc purchased the place with dreams of restoring it, which they did. This was also the year that the ghost checked in.

Also, Brandy tagged me a few days ago for 6 stupid quirky things about me.

1) When I buy a book or magazine, I always take it from the back of the shelf. It must be untouched and perfect.

2) I see "signs" everywhere. "Hey, a KFC! Clearly, I'm meant to get a Chicken Bowl!"

3) I can't sleep in wrinkled sheets.

4) I talk to myself a lot.

5) I fall down and knock things over a lot.

6) I get lost very easily. The compass in my head is severely defective.