Sunday, September 17, 2006

Happy Birthday, Boy!

The Boy turned three years old today.
I remember well the day he was born.
The little turd chose to make his entrance at 7:35 am, and came so freaking fast that there was no time for an epidural for poor Mommy, only a teeny weeny shot of Demerol, and some useless laughing gas.
I can't believe he's three years old.


We went camping in Kouchibouguac national park this weekend! We borrowed my Dad's camper.
It was so much fun. We went biking, went to the beach, and had a campfire. I just wish we could have stayed longer.

We Saw A Lot Of Wildlife

We saw:

- two deer
- a rabbit that hung around our campfire for a couple of wasn't even afraid of the Boy
- a raccoon that came looking for food while Peter and I were sitting in front of the campfire after the Boy was in bed. The raccoon didn't pay any attention to us at all.
- several cranes
- a lot of squirrels and chipmunks

And today, there was a bear cub! A lot of people saw it, including my parents when they drove in to collect the camper. Alas, Peter and I weren't so lucky.

We Went To The Beach

The Boy insisted on being naked again. He really loves being naked on the beach. He played in the sand and water, and we played cheerleader with dried seaweed for pompoms.

We Cooked Breakfast On The Campfire

We cooked a whole lb of bacon! And ate it! Then, I poached eight eggs in the bacon grease!! We ate all of them! I even fried a piece of bread in the bacon fat!! I'm expecting the heart attack anytime now.

We Made Bannock On A Stick In The Campfire, Just Like On Sesame Street!

It was pretty good; basically a big tea biscuit. I dropped it when I took it out, but I ate it anyway, damnit! I did cut off the outside.

RVs Versus Tents

This is the interior of my Dad's camper. Yes, that's a fake woodstove below the TV.
I have been ridiculed many times by "tent people" about camping in an RV.
I say, don't knock it till you try it.
I've never understood the whole suffering for fun thing. Maybe I'm stupid, but I just don't enjoy freezing my ass off, getting wet when it rains, and sleeping in something that a bear could rip apart with one swipe of it's claws.
The tent people can feel superior all they like, but I'd rather feel warm and dry.