Thursday, May 31, 2007

I Know It's Very Immature, But...

...I laughed so hard I almost fell over when I read this on the news wire:

Three Canadians are among 15 students competing in the championship finals of the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. Calgary's Cody Wang, Anqi Dong of Saskatoon and Nate Gartke of Edmonton survived the semi-finals to make the cut. The finalists were whisked away to the White House to visit withLaura Bush. Considered by many to be this year's favourite, 13-year-old Texan Samir Patel's dream of winning ended in one quick moment Thursday with the word `clevis.' Spectators gasped as he misspelled the word for a type fastening device as `c-l-e-v-i-c-e,' eliminating him in the fifth round. Samir wiped away tears as he talked about it later, calling it a stupid mistake.(BN)

Go Wang and Dong!

What I've Been Reading

The Lovely Bones - I just finished this about 10 minutes ago. I couldn't put it down.
Ragged Islands - The pick for bookclub tonight. Reminded me a bit of "The Stone Angel" by Margaret Laurence. Set in the Maritimes, partly in Shediac and Moncton. I also raced through this one.
Lullabies For Little Criminals - I was forced to read this for bookclub, and it's a good book, but very hard to read. It's about a young girl trying to grow up with only a moron junkie of a father to raise her, and there's foster homes, drugs, and lots of other fun stuff. I find this kind of thing hard to read since I had the Boy.