Sunday, June 08, 2008

More PEI Porn From Quicky Weekend Trip

We saw the lighthouse on the easternmost tip of the island, and a few others, including the lighthouse at Shipwreck Point. Pretty ominous name!

Also, I paid $7 for six chocolate caramels, but they're tasty enough to be worth it once in a while.

We went to Basin Head beach, home of the "singing sands." They squeaked more than sang.

And, Peter was happy because he got a picture of a blue heron.

Next time we're going to check out the western tip.

Loved This!

I was never a rabid fan of the show, but what a great chickflick.
I must say, however, that while the fairy tale ending was sweet, she really should have taken one of those $500 Manolos and driven the 4-inch stiletto heel right into Big's cranium.