Monday, May 22, 2006

Did I Ever Blow The Diet!

Ha ha ha! You're one of us now!

The healthy eating thing didn't happen yesterday.
Here's what I ate:

- blueberry bran muffin (not so bad)
- Caramilk (bad)
- McDonald's hash brown (very bad)
- Kraft Dinner (powerful urge... never make it... don't want Boy eating it)
- another Caramilk (clearly backlash from 3 weeks of salad)
- can of Coke (God!)
- an entire, full-sized Greco pizza Oven Sub (it was the 2-hour season finale of Desperate Housewives...I needed a treat!)

What a hog.
Time to haul myself back up onto the junk food wagon.

So far today:

- oatmeal with skim milk
- banana
- yogurt with handful of frozen blueberries


Sometimes I Wish I'd Had A Girl

When I was pregnant, my mother-in-law informed me that if I had a boy, I'd have to move his foreskin each day to loosen it up. I can still remember the cold feeling of horror that descended on me.
Luckily, in the hospital, the nurse said, no, that isn't done anymore. She said, "Don't even touch it...when he's around 2 he'll realize he has a penis, and he'll loosen the foreskin up all by himself." Well, the Boy is now two years old, and that nurse was right. He first discovered his winky in the bath last summer. It was his favourite bath toy. Now that he's got this naked thing going on, it's his all-around favourite toy.

Conversation yesterday after he crawled up onto my lap, naked, course.

Boy: My winky's all hard. (boinging winky up and down)

Mommy: Uh huh.

Boy: I like it down. Down winky!

I've taken a very matter-of-fact stance on the winky right now; I don't freak out and tell him to not touch it because I don't want to traumatize him, it is a perfectly normal stage after all. I also don't laugh because I don't want him to grow up to be one of those idiots who thinks it's funny to pull a rat when they're drunk.
Fortunately, he's only naked at home with me or at his Dad's. And, he's not yet at the stage where he's groping himself at the mall.
Sometimes I wish he had a hoo-hoo instead.