Monday, January 23, 2006

Boy In Car

Notice the cool pink Elton John shades. My boy is secure in his masculinity

Saw This Sunday

Good movie...beautiful scenery, interesting story, though sad. Not to mention the whole cowboy thing is a good look for Heath and Jake.

The Reason My Home Is Always Such A Mess

Being a monkey at Pizza Hut

You asked for it!

I've Joined The Computer Age!

I bought a digital camera last weekend, and a laptop this weekend! I've put myself about $1000 dollars in debt in a week. Luckily, the camera was a clearance sale, and my new Humane Company has a great interest-free computer loan, which is pretty painless to pay back.
Now I can inflict pictures of The Boy upon everyone!

In Defence Of The Indefensible

I love Barney. There are days when I literally wouldn't have 5 minutes of peace without him. That makes him okay in my books.

New Experiences

Okay, I'm 35 years old, and I've never been stoned. Well, except for on cold medication. How is it possible to retain such innocence for so long? Well, all my friends over the years have been boozers rather than potheads. Plus I'm a non-smoker. And I can't stand the smell of weed and hash.
So, Saturday night at a girl bash, I finally set out to actually get high on marijuana. Through the course of the night, I smoked, and smoked, and smoked, and smoked some more, and...nothing. Then, the hostess brought out what she called, "the big guns," which when I inhaled, seared my throat and lungs, and sent me off into a 5-minute coughing fit. Finally, I felt a bit spacey.
Spacey. That's it? For fuck's sake. I'll take booze anyday.