Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Chef's Gala Was A Blast!

We ate some really great food. I even swallowed an oyster. Raw. And it stayed down.

I Got To Help "Plate" The Main Course

Before the main course was served, they asked for a volunteer "chef wannabe" to help them. I was picked, (I know the emcees) and got to don a chef's hat and apron, and stand in line with all the chefs and drizzle the red pepper infusion garnish (the orange stuff) on the plates. I started getting artistic and drawing happy faces with it. When the mean chef next to me noticed, he took my squeeze bottle away and told me to just put the roasted figs on top of the supreme of chicken.

Remember This Guy From Canadian Idol?

This is Jon Dore, the (non) funny guy from the first couple of seasons of Canadian Idol.
He was playing at YukYuks, and was staying at the hotel the fancy Chef's Gala thing was held.
One of my co-workers thought she saw him walk by, chased after him and discovered him outside the hotel doors having a smoke.
He told her she was pretty (pretty drunk?), and that was all she talked about the rest of the evening.

My Hair Turned Out Freakishly Desperate Housewives-ish

I did my hair for the dinner, and it looked just like Bree's, even the flippy ends!
I swear it wasn't on purpose.
I was trying to pose like her, though.