Sunday, March 26, 2006

Finally Finished This Book...

After two tries! I got halfway through, put it down for a while, then had to start from the beginning again.
Didn't care for it, don't get the whole Governor-General's award- winning fuss.

The Nicest Cross Stitch I've Made

A Mother's Day gift from a few years ago. I got it stitched on time, but the framing was late.
For some reason, the frame looks pretty crappy in this shot. When you're actually seeing it, the simple frame and lack of matting makes you see the work itself, and looks very elegant.

New Baby!

This is my oldest friend, her husband, and their brand new baby, Alexandra, for whom I made a tied fleece baby blanket a few weeks and posts ago. My friend has some health issues, and needed to give birth in a better equipped hospital then the one in the itty-bitty northern Ontario town she and her hubby live in. Plus, hubby had shoulder surgery just a few weeks ago, and still isn't able to lift things (like a baby) at full capacity yet, so they went to our hometown to stay with her parents for the blessed event. The plan was to stay for about two months.
Today, I said, "So you think you'll stay here until May or so?" The reply..."No, we're leaving Thursday. My mother is driving us nuts!"
The room they're in is her parent's basement, where we used to play when we were 7 and 8 years old.

Sticker Head

Last Tuesday, the Boy came home with a banana sticker on his forehead.
He really liked that sticker, and refused to let anyone remove it.
This picture was taken last Thursday night.
By the third day, I thought I would record the sticker each day it remained on his head, but alas, it fell off sometime Friday.