Wednesday, May 31, 2006


From the bottom up, (oops) the ferry, leaving Hyannis, Nantucket Sound, the lighthouse in Nantucket.

We had the most incredible day in Nantucket. The weather was absolutely perfect, the ferry ride smooth and pleasant with no motion sickness.
My pictures of Nantucket don't even begin to do it justice. It is just incredible. The houses, the trees and flower beds, the ocean, everything. There are also an awful lot of rich people there.
Peter and I took a guided van tour to see the island. We saw and learned a lot that we wouldn't have, otherwise. We also took in the Whaling Museum, shopped a bit, and walked around a lot. We were there from 11am until 8. I had thought maybe that would be too long, but it really wasn't enough time.

Today we're going to take in Cape Cod, and maybe go through New Hampshire.


Nantucket is my porn shangri-la. House porn, tree porn, garden porn, cobblestone street porn, seafood porn, souvenir shop porn. I think it's the most beautiful place I've ever been in my life.

The Nantucket HIstorical Society Rules With An Iron Hand

Vinyl and aluminum siding are not allowed on homes on Nantucket. They are only allowed brick, clapboard, or cedar shingles which is by far the most common. And the colours of paint for the clapboard and trim is also strictly controlled. There is one car dealership on the island, Ford, and the building is covered in shingles.
There are no poor people living on the island. Everyone who works there who isn't a multi-millionaire takes the ferry in. Our tour guide told us the cheapest he's ever seen for a home on the island was about 600,000, for a two bedroom home that couldn't be added onto. He also said they have a lottery for subsidized housing for teachers for the island's schools.

Nantucket Chowdah

Completely yummy clam chowder at a cafe with an incredible outdoor eating area. Good chowder. I also tried grits, just because they were on the menu, and I've always wanted to try grits. Not so good. Maybe they're only meant to be eaten in the deep south.
And quahog chowder at another place. V. tasty. I've had chowder six times in three days.

Nantucket Booty