Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What I'm Reading Now

This is a book about daily life in Victorian England.
It is very interesting, and un-hoity toity.
It starts in the nursery, and goes through each room, encompassing function, decoration and cleaning of the room, daily activities of the occupants, and also describes social restraints on females, dress, diet, etc etc. But mostly, it's an account of just how filthy people and their homes were at the time.
The most disturbing part to me was the mention of the "living carpet" of bugs in kitchens. It made me want to take a shower.


Went to see "Abbamania" last night. There was also a BeeGees thing.
Fun! I think I enjoyed the BeeGees even more than the Abba thing.
Now that would be a fun job, donning Moon boots and belting out "Waterloo" every night.